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It has been a long time since I have updated anyone on my health.  I have been NED (no evidence of disease) for a couple of years now.  If you are new to the Stage IV breast cancer world, then you should know that Stage IV is considered terminal.  The average survival rate is 2-3 years after diagnosis.  I am halfway through my 6th year.  I am very, very grateful for all the time that I have lived; and will continue living.
​Last July (2016) we took a short vacation to the Outer Banks.  While I was changing into my swimsuit, I felt a lump in my breast.  It was where my primary tumor was originally.  I was very scared as you can imagine.  Once we were back from vacation, I made an appointment with my oncologist.  I went through a biopsy, mammogram, and ultrasound.  Yes, it was my original tumor making an appearance again.  My surgeon and I were on the same page.  That page is, "if its not broke, don't fix it".  There are no clear cut studies about taking that original tumor out and life extension.  It is not bothering me, which makes my decision to leave it alone easier.  We are already treating the cancer in my body as a whole, so we are just going to wait and see. I was at total peace with this decision, and still am.

Yes, I am still ER/PR+ and HER2+. 
​The best news - It is contained.  It has not spread anywhere else in my body.
​Treatment plan:  To stay exactly the same.
Herceptin every 3 weeks through my port
​Letrozole (a pill) everyday
​Venlafaxine (a pill) everyday
Xgeva - a shot in the stomach every 6 weeks

​Fast forward from last summer to now. 
My last cat scan and bone scan do not show any signs of cancer anywhere, ( YES!!!!)  except that pesky tumor in my left breast.  What does this mean?  After another mammogram, and ultrasound, meeting with my oncologist, and surgeon we have found that the tumor has grown.   The tumor has increased in size from 0.9 x 1.7 x 1.2 cm.
​to 1.8 x 1.4 x 1.2 cm. 
​The treatment plan is to stay the course. 
​We are still going with watching and waiting.  I can live a long time with a tumor in my breast, years.  The important part of this equation is that there are not any other signs of cancer anywhere else.
​I am sure this just does not seem right to some who will read this, but I am really comfortable with this decision and trust my team.

<![CDATA[January 26th, 2017]]>Thu, 26 Jan 2017 16:14:21 GMThttp://findingyoursunshine.org/blog/january-26th-2017NEW YEAR, NEW YOU​​ Picture
      I keep asking myself, was 2016 really that bad?  Granted, we lost many famous people that were known for an abundance of talents, and let's not forget the biggest of all for this year, the election.  This was definitely the fight to go down in the record books, Hillary Clinton, the first women and Donald Trump.  Well, lets just say I am not going to get into that one, except I wished things would have turned out differently. 
​     On a more personal level, 2016 was not a terrible year for my family and myself.  We have had our ups and downs, don't get me wrong.  Matt still has a great job, I had a total of 6 scans last year and I was stable with no signs of progression in all of them, we moved to North Carolina, and have been able to celebrate many things along the way.  Unfortunately, we lost the kid's grandmother, Matt's mom this year.  That was a terrible loss.  We were all so close and I just thank God that we were able to live so close to her, and spend so much time with her. She will be truly missed the rest of our lives.
​    On to 2017... Do any of you have New Year's resolutions?  The new year is always a great time to reinvent yourself.  All those items that you wish you could do or learn, -Well, this is the year!  All of the things you wish you could change about yourself, -Well, this is the year!  I am the same way, but this year I am going to look at it differently.  I am always the kind of person that puts so much pressure on myself, that I end up not doing anything.  So this year, my biggest resolution is to make goals, not resolutions.  Goals, things that I would like to work on to make myself better or  the best that I could be - THIS year.  Hopefully better than last year.  Whatever that better may be.  Do I have to start January 1st?  No, I don't think so.  Just as long as I start. 
​     I am also such a list maker.  I have lists for EVERYTHING!  I really think for me, seeing my goals on paper really helps me keep track and check myself every so often. 

​1. Get back on track with my health--
​     moderation is the key except with
     JUICE and VEGGIES and lets not forget Exercise.

​2.  Painting - sometimes I feel a little strange even calling myself a painter still, because I have not done it in so long!  Maybe by the end of the year I could even find somewhere to display my work...if it is any good.

​3.  Stay focused on this blog--stop worrying what it should be, and just turn it into what I want it to be.

​4. Find my Patience!!!

​5. Live more In the moment and play.

​SO, there you have it.  This is how I plan to better myself this year.  I hope these goals will be positive for not only myself but my entire family this year.

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  Oh, how happy I am that it snowed this winter.  Spring is almost upon us.  We have had quite a warm winter, which is bringing all the signs of spring very early.  The elementary and middle school are lined with trees that are just beginning to bloom beautiful petite white flowers.  They are beautiful to walk under, except they look much nicer than they smell.  As we are walking and I am enjoying this first sign of spring, all the kids can do is tease how these blossoms smell like dead fish.  OK, they got me there... 

​Before we welcome full on spring, I don't  want to forget about our winter.  The kiddos were very anxious  to see some snow this year.  Grayson barely remembered snow from our short move to upstate New York.  She was only 5.  Ben was only 1 so he had absolutely no recognition at all.   One of the biggest things I missed about northern living was the seasons, which meant that my excitement level equally matched theirs.  When we moved to Raleigh in May we were already basically in summer, the same as Florida - hot and muggy!   We all enjoyed the break from the heat of the summer and the cooler nights that fall brought.  The excitement of the holidays were over and we found ourselves waiting and waiting.  Now what?  Snow of course!  Although we heard that the last couple years Raleigh did not get any snow.  I was saying my little prayers that we could all experience it.

​I was lucky that my prayers were answered!  The meteorologist was calling for 8-12 inches.  We ended up getting about 4inches of ice and another 4 of snow.  It didn't matter, we had a neighborhood covered in white! 
​We all spent the next three days outside only taking breaks to warm up and dry out by the fire and grab something to eat.  Then back at it outside.  We have many different sledding hills around us, so many options.
​We played and played until after a couple of days the snow started melting and we could start seeing the ground again. 

​That's it, 3 days of snow.  3 wonderful glorious days of snow !
  I was so happy for tiny little answered prayers.  I found my sunshine this winter when I was able to experience  the magic of snow days, snow angels, ice hanging off of the tips of our gloves, but still not coming in, and of course drinking hot chocolate.
​ Most of all,
getting to experience all of this through their  eyes,
Just like a kid again.
<![CDATA[I am here]]>Wed, 04 Nov 2015 20:05:49 GMThttp://findingyoursunshine.org/blog/i-am-hereI

    I am alive.
  I apologize to the individuals who started following me and then I dissappeared.  Then it hit me, in my state, that could  mean that I am really NOT here!  
I am here.
Life is flying by, and I am not really sure why I stopped writing.  Hmm...if we are being real, it is probably the same reasons I stopped painting... Time/ kids/ school/ blah/blah/ blah.  There are many times a week when I think about this blog... could I write about this, or should I take some pictures of that.  Sure, I can blame so many different things and make up a thousand excuses, but who wants to hear it?  
I have  beaten myself up about it.  So let's move on, shall we?
     I have vowed to myself to try again, in many different ways.  I Don't want to get caught up in trying to label my blog.  I am going to write about what I am into and doing in life.  I know, easier said than done.  Hopefully you all will follow along.  

Just a quick catch up for now,
G and B are now in 4 th grade and kindergarten!  Yes!, can you even believe that?
Hubby is working like crazy.
I now paddle for a breast cancer survivor dragon boat team.
I am currently still NED ( no evidence of disease). -- my breast cancer reappeared last April.  Small surgery and new mess.
We are also contemplating a move to North Carolina.

More about all of this later!
Boy, it feels good to be back☀️

<![CDATA[Father's Day]]>Sun, 16 Jun 2013 18:31:59 GMThttp://findingyoursunshine.org/blog/fathers-day"To plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow"   
Audrey Hepburn
      Thirteen years have passed, marriages, babies, happy times and sad; all that comes with the journey we know as life.  Thirteen years since my brothers, sister, and I have been able to share a Father's day with my Pop.  His memory will always be in our hearts and sometimes, even though my children have never had the privilege to meet him, I can see him in them.  
     My dad was never "dad" to us.  He was papa when we were small and then when we were older we dropped the A and he was always our pop.   Pop was mine when I was small.  I was the oldest girl and a tomboy growing up on a dairy goat farm.   Many of the memories I have from my childhood consist of a  little girl wearing some worn  boots, an old t-shirt and some jeans that more than likely had holes worn in them.  My long  hair, always  falling out from its braid around my face.  One thing guaranteed,  was that if you needed to find me, it would be trailing behind my pops in the field.  Working with the goats, picking vegetables on Friday nights for market on Saturday,  traveling to goat shows, selling firework over the 4th of July, or the many nights of playing Uno  are some of the memories that will never die.  My favorite Saturday mornings as a kid were the the weeks when he stayed home with us.  Scrambled eggs with a little chopped onion and cinnamon toast were always the breakfast of choice and of course they would be consumed watching cartoons.  (the only day cartoons were actually on if you did not have cable) .  Thinking about the many warm summer evenings of playing "21" under the big barn light always leave me with such a wonderful feeling.  Although,  I hated doing some of those things as a kid (in the fields and on the farm) and I am quite sure even though I have such fond memories of them now, I whined and complained a lot about it, but what I wouldn't do to just go back a little while.  Needless to say, I was daddy's little girl and proud of it.  Although, most of my memories all run together these days, many of the lessons my pop taught me, I now find myself watching my husband teach our little girl.
      I grew up with self-confidence.  I knew he was behind me no matter what, mistakes and all. ...and when mistakes were made, to own up to them and to carry on.  I grew up knowing that if I worked hard at whatever I wanted to accomplish, I could.  There was no doubt that I would always be able to do anything if I put my mind to it and I could certainly do anything that any boy could do!  My pops gave me a zest for learning.  There was always something new to learn and a new book to read.  As an adult raising my kids, I recognize the patience he had with us, the way he would explain stuff to us kids, just like we were adults.....and when we were adults, (or so we thought) the patience on a grander scale.  If only I will be able to remember when to let go and let me children live and to give that non-judgmental advice and then to sit back and hope they take it.  Oh, to think of some of the stuff I put him through!  

My father left us way to early, when we lost him, I lost my best friend.  

I have been lucky to marry a man and have two wonderful children since then.  I love being able to relive those memories when I see my daughter with her dad.  That special  bond between father and daughter for yet another generation only brings unspeakable joy to my heart.

Happy Father's Day!

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     We have been so busy lately.....wonderful friends and family visits from New York and Colorado, CLEAN SCANS, trying to decipher Medicare for someone with a disability, a wonderful weekend away to celebrate and now ending with organizing the week of goodies for teacher appreciation week has really left me drained the last six weeks.
Now that I have my breath back, I realize that it is the final push of the race...the finish line you might ask?  SUMMER BREAK of course! Our calendar is getting marked off day by day.  I am not sure who is more excited, the kids or me.  

     I use to be one of those moms that felt a little bittersweet at every milestone.  SO happy and excited for the child and whichever milestone that was, but also a little sad in the back of my head that they are growing up so fast, too fast.  That was before, and now, I still love to celebrate just as much, but there is a little part of me that instead of looking back for a second, I celebrate even more that I am here and get to experience those milestones also!

I was diagnosed with cancer the same time we were celebrating Ben's 1st birthday.  Grayson had a couple of months to go before she turned 5.  Of course, Ben did not realize what was happening, but at that point in time I needed to make a decision on how I would treat this with the kids.  I wanted to be very honest, because what you don't know is very scary, but on the other hand, cancer is scary and it is my job to make sure my kids go to bed at night and not have any worries or to be scared.  Let me preface with a little about Grayson's personality.  She is the sweetest, most compassionate kid I know.  I know, I know, I am her mom, but she really would cry when someone else got hurt because she would feel so bad for them.  I love this about her.  She is definitely an old soul, and she is FREE.  She takes after her dad trying to make sure everyone is happy, but when she is sad, she hides it and refuses to acknowledge it.  She is better about that the older she gets.  My friends bought a doll/book for me to give her.  It had hair and the hair would velcro on and off, then had a wig and a handkerchief and other accessories.  I read her the book and explained what would happen through this cancer diagnosis.  She didn't seem to interested. I did say to her that when this was all over, my hair would grow back exactly the way it was before. I was there, and that is all that mattered.  In those next weeks, we made wig shopping a family affair, and it definitely turned something very challenging  into a fun afternoon of trying on wigs.  Although, she was witness to many conversations and many tears,  I tried very hard to make life as normal as possible, but we were in for a new normal.

I will admit, and although it makes me very sad to admit this, but there was a time, laying with my babies putting them to bed that I would wonder, maybe if I didn't go through treatment and just passed away, would it make it easier for them?  Would it be easier for them to grow up with no memory of me?  If I lived the amount of time the doctors gave me as "statistics", then they would really not have that much of a memory of me, and Ben maybe none at all.  Do you know sometimes when you are extremely tired and emotionally exhausted, and it is late at night, sometimes you just don't think straight.  I guess that it why they say sleep on it.  Well, I did and was shocked that the thought could even go through my head.  I was also mad.  Mad, that the statistics were a reality we had to face.  I was mad that there were parents not taking care of their own kids, beating them, killing them....and all kinds of bad stuff and these people would go on living, and all I wanted to do was live and take care of my babies.   As I am typing this, I realize how this sounds now, but I guess when you are faced with what we were facing, you go through all your options and all kinds of feelings.  Well, I am happy to say, that I got over the original shock, and have never, ever thought that way again.  Something grew inside of me those nights of watching my kids so peacefuly sleeping; It was the will power to FIGHT!  and fight I will and it is something I have been able to teach my kids everyday through this diagnosis.  So, that is a glimpse of the dark side, keep reading for a glimpse of life after ......and how fun, or should I say funny it is!

I titled this cancer mom, because that is what I am.  I had a friend come visit us right after I ended treatment, I had made a comment about something being safe and pesticide free, and he came back with, "of course it is, you are a cancer mom".  For some reason the last couple of years that has stuck with me. Am I?  What does that actually mean?   Unfortunately, cancer is something that will always be with us, maybe not up front and center, but it is there.   My goal, as cancer mom is not to make it the "scary word" that I grew up with.  because, let's face it, everyday life goes on especially with kids.  They don't slow down and at this age, they don't expect you to either!  They still say the funniest things, whether you have cancer or not.  Some people are careful about what they say, but kids aren't.  They really just say it how it is.  Let me give you a few examples.  When we lived in New York we had the best neighbors and our backyards joined together.  We didn't know them very well at the time, but they were young, and no kids.  Grayson loved talking to them and it was just by coincidence that they were Ben and Emily.  SO you can see the attraction right off the bat.  Well, one day I catch Grayson telling Ben (as she is rubbing his head,that he shaves) " that it doesn't look like his hair is growing back as good as her mommies"  Yep, It is nice to meet you neighbor, ha ha.  Last year, we were lucky enough to attend a weekend of hope in Stowe, Vermont.  We stayed in a great hotel room, and Grayson was so excited she said, "I am so happy you have cancer so we get to do stuff like this!"  All I could say to that is me too!  I now what she meant.  She realized why we were there and if I didn't have cancer we wouldn't have been... remember  my goal.....this is my journey, so let's except it and make the C word  not so scary.   So,  last month, Ben, who is now 3, explained to us that "daddy goes to work, Grayson goes to school, and mommy goes to the doctor".  Well, although it is heart-sinking honesty, it is what it is.  Every three weeks, we have the same conversation when I come home and pick up the kids.  Ben always moves my shirt and looks for the band-aid covering my port.  I reassure them every single time that I go to the doctor, not because I am sick anymore, but because I am healthy and I want to stay that way;  Just like when they go to the doctor to get their shots.  I feel like reassurance is key, whether they are asking for it or not, they have it.    Also, I am the pink ribbon to my kids.  We can be anywhere and if they here a breast cancer commercial, or see a breast cancer ribbon , I hear immediately, 'That's you".  Once in a while we get a double look, but it is true!   

   The last two years have been amazing watching these two little ones grow, and I just can't wait to spend more time with them this summer.
One last story,  Grayson always makes me the wicked witch, stepmother, evil queen, you get it.  I always ask her why and give her a hard time about it.  She tells me it is because of my hair. (I decided to keep it short) and it just lends itself to those characters!  What?!?!  So, not fair! ha ha, but I will gladly be any of them for her.

I always tell her during these conversations that "hopefully you will never know how hard I worked for my hair to be like this."  :) 
I will always take the title of CANCER MOM and wear it proudly:)

<![CDATA[Juicing 101]]>Sat, 16 Feb 2013 22:34:02 GMThttp://findingyoursunshine.org/blog/juicing-101Picture
The five day cleanse is over.  I will admit, it wasn't until the 4th or 5th day that I actually woke up and felt great.  I woke up before the alarm clock went off.  That was enough to reboot my system and get me back on track from birthdays, holidays, and any other excuse to have some wine and some food I would normally not eat.  Although it was all simply delicious, it is not the way I want to continue.  I wanted to get back, hard core, with diet, juicing, and exercise.  The cleanse helped me do just that!
I will admit, even though I juice most of the day and eat dinner at night (plus all the snacking in-between) I found it hard when the sun started going down and I started making food for the kiddos (yes they still had to eat:)  not to pick and take bites of those tempting smells.  Especially, since I pick and taste everything as I or anyone else around me cooks!  I will also admit, that there were days  at the beginning where I felt tired and had a mild headache, my husband complained of major headaches also, which lead to a couple of days of not really speaking.  Were we fighting??? no, not exactly, just really weren't connecting.  We were to busy dealing with our own food deprivation!!  The thing of it is though, we weren't starving.  It's not like you are fasting because of the flu, or tests or procedures being done.  Your body is really getting all of the nutrients and minerals that it needs.  So, if you drank enough juice, the actual eating food problem was really just in my head.  Anyway, we got through the five day fast, we are speaking again, 14 lbs. lighter between the both of us, our skin looks great, and tons of energy and it is noticeable to other people as well;  it is not just us looking in the mirror.

Now I am back to my normal schedule.  Juicing all day with some healthy snacks and a salad for lunch if I am hungry (or worked out).  Then, on to a vegan dinner.  During the weekends I am trying to juice at least twice a day, and eat vegetarian meals (cheese and eggs).  and lets not forget exercise, exercise, exercise!  This is my goal.  This is how I ate when we lived in New York, and I felt great.  I have sort of lost that with the move back down to Sarasota and scheduling and well, just life.  

As I have posted about juicing, I have had many questions on all the different aspects of juicing.  I have come up with what I do on a daily basis to make it easy for me.  I hope this helps for you, but remember, this is what I do. I am sure you might wonder why the heck I do that, or this, but it works for me. I am always trying new things, so if you have any ideas, let me know.

Emily's Juicing 101

* I have a Breville juicer.  I have had it for three years and the last two, juiced 3-4 times a day.  I like it, but do find myself wishing for one that has an extra tool for wheat grass. 

* All of the vegetables I purchase are organic.  My favorite places, here in Saraosta are Jessica's organic farm stand and Worden Farm (at the downtown farmer's market).  

* I purchase 25lb. bag of organic carrots at Publix.  I find down here, or up-state New York, any of the organic places selling carrots all come from Bunny Luv.  So I am going with the cheapest price on that....which is $14.99!  When we lived in NY, none of the grocery stores sold the big bags, just the 2 lb ones.  Although, the local farmers markets had beautiful rainbows of different colors of carrots; purple, yellow, white, red, and of course, orange,  that I would invest in, but that did get quite pricey.  These were like drinking pure sugar.  When I spent the money on these, I wouldn't mix anything into my juice.  It was out of this world!  You really felt like you were drinking the sunshine and all the goodness of mother earth.

*This is a list of my staple veggies.....
FRUIT: apples, oranges or grapefruit, pineapple, pears and mango - or anything in season...I have been known to throw some strawberries in also.
DARK GREENS: romaine hearts, spinach, collard greens, kale, mustard greens (or anything that is on sale or if something is way cheaper, than I buy double of it and leave the most expensive thing out.)
CRUCIFEROUS: cabbage (usually purple, but both are great for you.  Broccoli and cauliflower, and brussel sprouts.
and don't forget the beets, celery and cucumbers and jalapenos for some extra spice and kick. 

I have a wonderful friend that brings me tons of herbs from her (and my former) school garden, so I add those, until Grayson, Ben and I get our herb garden and kitchen scrap garden going. (That will be another post)
* I wash the vegetables in the sink with water and 1/2 cup of vinegar.  I don't buy the veggie sprays.  Vinegar is natural and does  a very good job and is also easy on the budget:)  I clean most of my house with one form or another of vinegar....which leads to another new post!  

*  Prepping the veggies:  I cut the tops off of the carrots.  I do not peel them. 
     I wash all the greens and put them in roots and all.  
     I wash the beets and use the bulb and the greens.  If I find the greens are going bad, then I cut them off and       
     just use the beet itself.
     I peel the citrus before I juice it.  If it is only a quarter of a lemon, I don't, but the oils from the skin can 
     cause some issues.
     I juice the cucumber skin and all.
     I cut the stalks off the celery and keep the root for planting.
     I juice the stalk of the broccoli and keep the florets for dinners and snacking.
* I try to juice something from all the different categories and mix it up throughout the day.

*  This is my juicing list, but if I have left over veggies from the week that I don't think I am going to use I through them in so nothing goes to waste; zuchinni, squach, radish greens, tomatoes.  and vice-versa.  I try to have a couple recipes on hand for the veggies I buy to juice, so that I can plan to incorporate them in meals during the week as well.  This is one way I really try to keep our grocery budget down.  

* Storing-
I know, a lot of you can say that it is hard work and if you work during the day then it can be difficult.  I understand.  I don't work, so I have the oppurtunity to juice around my schedule.  I will juice a large amount in the morning and drink a glass for breakfast, and then store a pint in a canning jar in the refrig. for later.  I wash up, and then at lunch time do the same thing.  This allows me to have  juice 4 times a day with only having to juice  and clean twice.  
If juice ends up getting stored overnight, I am sad to say that it should be poured down the drain:(
My husband, who is on the rode all day and doesn't have an office to go to stores the juice in  in the pint canning jars in a cooler in his car.  It is way better than fast food, and easier then making a sandwich.  He started this after the fast.  I have created a monster! Ha ha.  He felt so good, that he now is addicted.

That makes me happy, because it makes living this life style easier when more than one of you are on board, and I also know what all of these veggies are doing for our family's health.

I hope this helps  get you started with juicing, or at least make it a little less intimidating.   Please, if you have any more questions, e-mail me.
Have a great weekend,

<![CDATA[My cleanse]]>Tue, 29 Jan 2013 15:17:34 GMThttp://findingyoursunshine.org/blog/my-cleansePicture
     This week my husband, Matt and I have decided to do something for our bodies...a 5 day cleanse.  You might ask why? If I am already juicing and eating a healthy plant-based diet.  I have actually never done a cleanse.  I would juice all day and then eat dinner, but not actually go without all food for any length of time.  
I just read a very easy reasoning behind this. Our bodies are like cars.  We take our cars in and get the oil changed and the system flushed.  We don't even think about doing that with our bodies.   We take  so many toxins into our body, that most of us could consider ourselves toxic.  Now, some of these can be helped, and some not.  Pesticides, air pollution, cleaning agents,  and processed foods are ones that most people run into everyday.  I started getting a headache here and there, and I started noticing my face break out a little.  These were my first indications that maybe my body is off.  Maybe not so abnormal, because I am on hormone blockers and my body is still trying to do what it is suppose to do, but still, this is not what I am use to. Then I started reading that even allergies can be helped through a cleanse, which mine are awful lately.  I like to blame our two cats at home, but that doesn't sit well with the cat caretaker in the household, my daughter, Grayson.  I decided on a short 5 day cleanse, and then keep my normal schedule of juicing after.  My biggest hope out of this cleanse is that I reset my system, so all my organs are working optimally and I will also feel more energy as an outcome of this.
     I have read many things about cleansing.  I guess, I will feel better than worse for the next couple of days.  Headaches, sinuses, allergies, flu-like symptoms, and irritability (I think  this will probably be from the lack of snacking I like to do so much) all seem to be the consensus of what we will be feeling the next couple days.  Then we should feel great  after that, obviously the longer the cleanse, the better you will feel, but the length of this one is good for now.  
     One of my favorite juices that I will definitely make sure to be making everyday is my beet, carrot, and celery juice.  I love it.  The celery makes it naturally salty.  

Beet, Celery, and Carrot


This recipe makes enough for an 8 oz. juice

4-5 carrots
1 beet (including greens)
4-5 stalks of celery

Juice everything except the lemon.  Squeeze lemon before drinking. 

I drink this juice at least 4 days out of the week.  While on this cleanse I am making sure I am drinking it everyday.  

This combination of juice will will really help set your body straight for many reasons.  This juice is very rich in organic alkalizing elements, including sodium, potassium, and phosphorus.  It will quickly re-balance your Ph and improves the liver and kidneys ability to help cleanse the blood's impurities.  Which means...no more headaches!
Here are some other reasons to drink this....

*It improves blood quality and helps relieve fatigue.
*Has many different phyto nutrients that destroy cancer cells.
*The beet is a well known blood pressure reducer.
* This juice is very high in Iron, so it helps fight again anemia and low hemoglobin.
*Helps with mental clarity because it enhances the oxygen rich blood to the brain.
* Reduces inflammation in the body, including arthritis, asthma and bronchitis.

This is also a great juice when you have had one to many glasses of wine the night before!  So pull out your juicer the next morning and get those cleansing nutrients back in your body.
Stay tuned to hear the results of the cleanse!

<![CDATA[One last football ¬†game of the season]]>Wed, 16 Jan 2013 16:26:18 GMThttp://findingyoursunshine.org/blog/one-last-football-game-of-the-season     Last Monday night, my family and I were one of the lucky fans that got to watch our football team play just one more time this season.   Football also gave us a reason to have "game day food"  one more time!   So, you might be wondering what game day food is in our house?  Especially because we eat little or no meat.  I tried a new recipe, not knowing what to expect and it came out awesome!  Buffalo cauliflower.   I also made an old favorite for the kids, roasted chickpeas.   

                                                           Roasted Chickpeas

These little golden nuggets are a staple in our house.  
They are so simple and it is a nice recipe for the kids to help with.  They are high in protein and depending on what you season them with, no extra artificial anything in them.   I will warn you though, they go very fast!  My kids will sneak them day and night.  SO you might be making another batch sooner than you think!

         Preheat oven to 425 degrees
         2 -15 oz. cans of chickpeas
         your favorite seasoning
        olive oil

I Rinse the chickpeas, then let them dry on a paper towel.  I roll them with another paper towel on top to dispose of  some of the skins.  I will be honest though, when I am really short on time, I rinse them and throw them on the cookie sheet.  Sprinkle them with olive oil,  and then season with your favorite seasoning.  I have kept it simple with just sea salt and pepper,  but the seasoning possibilities are endless.   Italian seasoning, a combination of sea salt, garlic powder and celery salt,  ranch seasoning, or any of your pre-produced combos would be great.    I am positive Cayenne pepper and Paprika would be Delicious on them, but haven't used them because I know that would be the only way the kids would not gobble them down....mmmm, maybe I need to make a mommy batch and a kid-friendly batch.   Mix all together, then roast on a cookie sheet for about 15 minutes.  Stir and roast another 15 minutes.  They turn a nice golden brown.  Cool and enjoy.   Grayson even made her own batch in her Easy Bake Oven....they also came out great.

                                                               Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower

     I don't know about you guys, but I love hot sauce.  I don't eat meat very often, and when I do take the time to splurge I really don't want to waste it on a chicken wing.  The skin and frying make them loaded with fat,  something that a breast cancer survivor, or anyone for that matter could really do without in their diet.  I wanted to find a recipe that made me feel like I was being bad, but in actuality  it is healthy.  I have seen many different recipes floating around pinterest for this football season dish.  I compared all of the recipes, including the original recipe off of Peta.org and came up with my own.  They were delicious.   My husband does not like cauliflower  and he even loved it.  Neither of us felt like we were missing out!  and no guilt!

1 T. + 1 tsp. white vinegar
1 C. milk (cow's or almond)
1 C. flour (any kind, even gluten free)
2 tsp. garlic powder
2 tsp. seasoning salt
1 head cauliflower chopped into pieces 
1  C. buffalo or hot sauce
1 T. melted butter or olive oil

Preheat oven to 450.
Mix the milk and vinegar together.  Let stand for about 10 minutes.  (This is a great way to make your own buttermilk)
Add the garlic powder and seasoning salt to the flour.
Combine the flour mixture and milk.  Stir well.  
Coat the cauliflower pieces with the flour/milk mixture and put on baking sheet.  Bake for 15-25 minutes.  
While the cauliflower is baking, combine buffalo sauce and butter/olive oil in small bowl.
Pour hot sauce mixture over baked cauliflower and continue baking for an additional 10 minutes.
We served with yogurt blue cheese dressing , carrots and celery.

****We loved this dish and now it is a new favorite.  We did wonder if it would be as good if we omitted the entire breading step and just roasted the cauliflower with some olive oil and the seasoning.  I thought that would save even more calories.  
So I tried it last night.  It was ok, but the breading really added another layer of flavor and texture.
** The outcome was decided.... Since we are saving so many calories and gaining so many other health benefits by not eating an actual chicken wing, this dish is definitely better with the breading.  
I hope you enjoy as much as we did.